Hi my name is Phyllis Flynn, and I am the new Sommelier at Devlin’s Country Bistro.

My start in the hospitality industry began with Devlin’s 11 years ago! So it only seems fitting that I should return here to do something I love.

Growing up my parents taught us to appreciate the pleasures of fine dining.

So food and wine have been a big focus in my life for a very long time.

My last five years have been at Langdon Hall, where learning top notch service and wine knowledge have become my standard. I hope to bring my passion for wine and food to the guests at Devlin’s in an approachable and fun way. Please feel free to ask me anything and no sommelier knows it all, so if I don’t, I will be sure to find out for you.

The wine list we have put together for you has a mix of big Cali cabs, some old world favourites and just a few things that are little less known. My specialty is food pairings, so if your ready for a wine adventure, without the travel constraints, we are ready to take you on one!

Cheers! Phyllis