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Project Description

Full Service Catering

Thank you for considering Devlin’s Country Bistro to be a part of your special day. We are always happy to tailor or custom create a menu specifically for you, based off of your favourite foods, and seasonal/local flavours. If you want us to get creative, or have any other ideas, please do not be afraid to ask.

We station our mobile kitchen on site and cook/serve everything to the guests while taking every responsibility into our hands. For this the plated/buffet packages would be suggested. This is great for weddings, corporate events, Galas, Christmas parties, etc. All menus can be customized and we are happy to custom tailor any menus based off of preference, season, etc.

Our catering business stretches far and wide, serving all of Ontario. We cater over 350 functions a year, with about 100 of them being weddings. Our services range from intimate dinner parties, weddings, corporate lunches & galas, to fundraisers and golf tournaments. Our fleet of catering trucks equipped with reefer units, convection ovens and fryers allows us to cook everything fresh on site, moments before it is served to you.

Our motto is to provide you with the best food and service possible, wherever your location may be. We hope that we can make every meal a banquet & every day a celebration.With this, we are able to work with most budgets and be able to provide options for most group sizes.

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