Please see our BBQ menu below:

Artisan Rolls & Grilled pitas w/butter & hummus
Chipotle Coleslaw*Potato & dill Salad*Black Bean & Corn Salad
Heritage Green Salad w/ Seasonal vinaigrette
Maple Baked Beans*Cajun Rice Pilaf
Smoked Cheddar Mashed Potatoes
Pick 3 proteins:
BBQ Chicken*BBQ Ribs*Smoked Sausage*Bacon Wrapped Pork tenderloin +$*Smoked Pork Loin+$*Beef Tenderloin Medallions+$
Fresh Fruit Display
Assorted Tarts & Pastries
$/Person+21% Service* +HST
*Covers the cost of labour (chefs & servers), transportation & consultation.
Substitute any protein for BBQ Pork Loin +$/person
Substitute any protein for Grilled Beef Tenderloin Medallions +$/person
Add Shrimp Cocktail $/pc